Designing a Website


Questions to ask yourself when designing your website

  • What does your business actually do?
  • What do you want your site to accomplish?
  • What makes your business standout?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What websites do you like and why?
  • Who exactly are your customers and what do they like?
  • What features do you want your website to have?
  • Is this an informational site or do you want it to transact business?
  • Do you have a style guide or any existing material like logos and flyers?

Local Host for PHP

You can setup a local host environment on PC or Mac using “MAMP” a free source with a light weight Apache version and MySQL database software, Once this is setup you can learn all about PHP as well as setup your own WordPress website locally. To code and test PHP you can use the IDE called “Eclipse for PHP Developers”. Eclipse is another free source software used for development.





Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines like Google are now prioritizing mobile site design known as “Responsive Design”.

Some of the statistics that support this are:

  • 81% of mobile users prefer sites to apps.
  • 57% of mobile users do not recommend businesses that do not have responsive designs.
  • Half of the US own a mobile smart phone.
  • April of 2015 Google announced the ranking of a site would be affected depending on how mobile friendly the site was.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress uses what’s called a “plugin” to enhance or add capability to your web site. These plugins are contributed by developers some for free and some requiring a fee to use. Plugins I have found useful for my site are listed below.

Child Theme Configurator – Creates Child Themes

Yoast SEO – Search Engine Optimization

UpdraftPlus-Backup and Restore



Software used for creating websites can be just strict HTML or “content management system” software like WordPress. The advantage of using WordPress is the thousands of themes and plugins created that are free to use. The time to create a website is extremely fast when using WordPress as opposed to strict HTML. The other advantage of a WordPress is keeping your site up to date is very easy.


Web Site Resources

Create Web Site

Building a web site for business or personal use for be challenging and fun at the same time. There are many different tools available for free and for a fee depending on the degree of complexity required.

Some Available sources

W3 Schools  is a site with tutorials and lots of reference material.

Google web development.